Would You Like a Pool With That?

Would You Like a Pool With That?

Sometimes buyers get a bit frustrated with agents when the agents show them properties that do not quite match their check lists. There can be a couple reasons why this happens. Sometimes an agent is inexperienced; they do not take good enough notes, or do not ask all the right questions to make sure they know what kind of property suits the client's needs and wants. Sadly, there are agents who either get too busy, or do not really have the motivation to the best job possible in helping the client hone in on the right property.

Then, there are agents who are experienced, stay engaged, and might just frustrate their client a bit because they actually know what might be best for them when they present to them opportunities which do not stay right in line with the client's order.

Agents can simply be order takers, or they can be opportunity makers. Truth is, they should be a balance of both. When an agent begins a relationship with a client, they need to find out the client's story; where they are coming from in their journey toward their next property, what they need out of their next home, their resources, timelines, and all else. With enough information, an agent should be able to more efficiently hone in on the right properties, saving everyone time and frustration. 

Sometimes, the parameters of the client get tight enough to rule out most of the inventory. This is when the agent needs to be flexible in their search and tactfully counsel the client into more flexibility as well. Let's remember, if a property is 80% what they are looking for, then it's 100% what they are looking for. There is no perfect property, so a certain amount of flexibility is automatically needed. If a client cannot find that 80% property, then the agent needs to start introducing alternative properties. This is not a tactic just to get a property sold and stuff more money in the agent's pocket. This is also properly serving the client. Often enough, clients who cannot find that 80%er, are not even 80% sure what they want to settle on. This is where a more proactive agent will help with the process. 

Taking all the information available, an experienced agent should find other attractive attributes in properties that could just work for the client, if they would consider it from a different perspective. So, buyers, don't get frustrated! If your agent is showing you properties that are close-ish to what you want and always trying to put a positive spin on certain amenities that you did not consider before - they are actually doing their job, and many times, you will find a property that does end up being your 80-100%er, and you will thank your agent for 'lovingly' nudging your in a different direction.