Buyer Representation

As a potential home buyer, you want a professional relationship with a dedicated REALTOR - who is a valued member of a time honored and award-winning Real Estate Family - to make the home buying process a pleasurable experience. 
With over 70 years of proven results, GARDNER, REALTORS has earned the reputation as the leading full-service real estate company in the Metro New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. You can trust one of our talented REALTORS to guide you through the home buying process - or as we like to say - to make your home and investment dreams come true!
Some buyers elect to have an exclusive agreement with one of our REALTORS that defines the duties and tasks to be performed by each party. This type of agreement can improve communication between the parties - Buyer and REALTOR - by listing the duties and responsibilities in writing. Furthermore, it formalizes the relationship; thereby creating a team working together to achieve the best home buying experience.

Where Do I Go Next?

Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

While every home buying experience is personalized based upon specific needs, we have provided a general guideline of key steps in the process.

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